Welcome! You embarked on my journey to capture the beauty around us,

capture a moment, mood, or emotion. But to passively capture is not nearly enough for me. The ambition that washes over me in tides demands much more. I hope to inspire, provoke, excite, evoke, incite, invoke and immerse you in all shades of bright in my meek effort to chase the darkness away. And that is what defines me. Fighting the darkness is the purpose of my art… and my existence. Fighting it the only way I know how. With a brush pressed against a canvas. Themes of nature, animals, and plants are certain to brighten my day and they are the overwhelming majority of my work. Nothing inspires me more than nature. Hence Artemis. Artemis [ är-tə-mĭs ] : Patron of wilderness, wild animals, nature, vegetation. Oooh, how comfortable I feel wearing this name.
On a brave day, when insecurities allow it, when inside voices escape the tight grip, my themes venture outside the “safe zone” into themes of self-exploration, social commentary, and dissection of the idea of “beauty”.